Farm Management Information System
We carry out complex projects on automation of crop production, starting with annual planning and ending with daily calculation of completed works
Project stages
Land Bank
We digitize the contours of the fields, put things in order in the accounting, upload the data of the agrochemical survey, calculate the need for nutrients.
Labor Rationing
We synchronize or fill in the standards for the production of machinery and labor, the consumption rates of fertilizers, pesticide, seed material, as well as fuel.
Technological Map
We draw up a work plan for each crop and the need for resources for its implementation, as well as build a schedule for the use of equipment for the entire season.
Operating Plan
We form a short-term work plan, set up notifications about the approach or change in the timing of operations and resource requirements.
Daily Tasks
We create tasks for machine operators, drivers and order orders for manual work, transfer them to the displays of equipment or to a mobile application.
Plan-Fact Analysis
We get production data from equipment and mobile devices, and then compare it with what was planned.
ERP Integration
We transmit data on the work performed to the accounting system for piecework wages and calculation of the cost of agricultural products.
Specialized Solutions
  • Frut Gardens
    Automation of apple cultivation starting from planting a seedling and up to the time of harvest. Our team knows how to track every apple!
  • Cotton
    Cotton cultivation requires careful adherence to technology at all stages of crop growth in conjunction with manual labor. We will control each stage!
  • Vegetables
    Calculate the exact date of harvesting vegetables from the open ground in changeable weather conditions?
    Let's set up operational planning!
  • Your business
    Do you specialize in vineyards, or maybe you grow lavender? Leave a request and we will contact you.
Independent Company
Each member of our team has at least 5 years of legal experience.
Perpetual Ownership
You buy the program once and for all. Without annual subscriptions and the cost per hectare!
Data Security
The program is installed on your server, the data is stored only with you.
Lack of cloud services!
Using other programs? Compare the programms
Map's Module
The data is displayed on the map as layers, easily grouped into folders and stored on your server.
Equipment Planner
Two-way data exchange provides automatic filling in of accounting sheets, as well as documents on the write-off of NWR and fertilizers.
Business Analytics
Dashboards with business analytics are quickly configured and you can go directly to the source data from them.